that random moment when you suddenly remember someone who is no longer in your life and it feels like a knife through the chest

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For me, what I enjoyed the most was when me and Dylan spent the day on the top of the tree together… and it was just so random. And it kind of is the beauty of this job. […] And it was the first day where we… we’d become friends but I think it’s where we kind of really spend time together as actors. And for me it was just a beautiful day of work, because I got to be one on one with him and see the magic he makes.

I’ve been thinking about these scenes a lot. And all I want to know is when it happened. When did touch between them get so easy? How did it go from an instinctive grappling – a clumsy comfort, a necessary anchor – to something so steady and sure? When did he start touching her without his fingers trembling? When did she start leaning into the warmth of his hand? When did they decide that words were no longer required, that the press of skin on skin would be enough to say, I am here with you? 

This was going to be a song lyric or something but now it’s feels instead. Just take them. Because  f a c e  t o u c h i n g.

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Just focus on my v o i c e.

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